Entry #1

Hello everyone !

2014-11-10 08:42:49 by Crimson-Karma

My name is Crimson-Karma (I assure you my mother REALLY gave me that name... yeah she hate me I know...) and I'm here to show you my work, most can be NSFW.

Well what can I say about myself, well I'm 28 and I'm French (Le pays du fromage et des clichés), I'm a student in 3DCG and a passionnate of Comics and animation. I'm a Classic gamer and love old school RPG... Chrono Trigger, FF6, Terranigma and a lot of others. My dream is to make adventures comics and... adult adventure comics cause yeah I love drawing pus... cute womens.

Recently I started doing animations (NSFW for now) using after effect and I'll probably do more of that in the future that's also one of the reason you can read me here today.

You can comission me if you're interested in my work my email adress is hentaikarma@gmail.com


See ya guy's !


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2014-11-10 14:21:13

I feel that your skills and art are above drawing hentai. While your anatomy and proportions could use some work I do not think you should cater to the 12 year olds just for the increase in scores and views. There is already an abundant number of hentai artists on newgrounds and to be labeled as one of them would not be good for your image. You have the potential to rise above the rest by doing something creative and unique. While you might not agree with what I have to say, i'm just giving you my opinion and it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Crimson-Karma responds:

For me drawing Hentai is not a shame. Well okai I wont tell my boss or my teachers I'm doing that. But It helped me a lot financing my studies at the beginning of the year and still help me eat these days. And to improve in anatomy and proportions it's one of the best ways !

I don't mind being labeled as a hentai artist cause this is the purpose of this nickname, for safe work I use another one. A lot of HUGE talented artist do this too (and when I say HUGE I think a mountain isn't high enough to tell the difference between my level and theirs).

I appreciate your opinion and thank you for it ! This creative and unique stuf will be there someday promise !


2014-11-11 05:01:58

Completely unrelated to your art but...
crono trigger is the best out of that list, interesting fact.

Crimson-Karma responds:

It's not for nothing that it is the first in the list cause it's the first one I think about when I talk about RPG so for me the best !